Thursday, January 27, 2011

"It's never too late to become what you might have been." ~ George Elliot

If you could create the life of your dreams, what would it look like?

So many times we get stuck as adults in a rut. Not necessarily because we have to be in that rut, but because we haven't widened our scope of life yet. We do not dare to dream-with a destination in mind. It's easy to watch a movie and want to take on that role, leave the world behind and bar tend in a hut somewhere in the middle of exotic nowhere. But, what do you really wish you were doing in your life? What are your ultimate goals and dreams? And, once you have figured that out, the next question is "why aren't you doing that, or are you doing that currently?"

I understand completely that if you are supporting a family, it would be next to impossible to switch gears and go after your dreams. However, I have found that those that step onto a new path-be it continued education, a night class on something they love and have always wanted to learn, a music class opens them up and strengthens their unions because they are happier people! When you open yourself up to a creative outlet, or a new path altogether, everything changes.

What I'm trying to get you to look at is:
1) What do you want to be doing in your life? Are you doing anything to make that a reality?
2) Are you truly happy and fulfilled in your daily life, and if not, are you doing anything to change that?
3) What are your true passions and are you doing anything to incorporate them into your daily life?
4) Do you take time out of your daily life to focus on YOU?
5) Understanding that when you're happy and fulfilled, everyone around you responds with that same empowered and creative reflection.

Whatever it is that you wish you were doing, please do something to bring that into your life. If you enjoy photography, grab your kids and do some amazing photo shoots. You don't have to be a professional photographer to realize your dreams! If you wish you would have looked into a comedy lifestyle, go to an amateur night at the stand up joint in your area. You don't have to quit your job to change your life! Just add to your life, bring into your life your passions. Create a healthy outlet. You want to become a chef but don't want to quit your day job? Take a cooking class at the local college at night or weekends. Or, many times the cooking schools offer weekend workshops. Have you even looked into the options?

Do not look back on your life and know that you sold out. Do not look back and wish you would have done it differently. Set a goal and believe in the outcome of it.
You CAN do it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year..New Insights

It's not the big resolutions that we really follow. Those get lost in the shuffle. It's the goals that we set for ourselves that are attainable and truly in line with the direction we are already heading in that get accomplished. This is not to say we can't change the path and head into a new found opening in the road, because we can. We just seldom do.
My suggestion is, start slow and be decisive about what you want, what you want to change, and where you are heading. The other half of this is to be gentle with yourself. Give yourself permission to stray a little bit from that goal, and then get back on track when you can. Guilt never breeds temperance. Guilt perpetuates more guilt. Support, and understanding help lead the way.
Enjoy this new year-as it is meant to be enjoyed! It is a new year, and you are a part of making it happen! Each day is a new chance-and it is up to us to give ourselves that opportunity to truly live it. No one can do it for you, and no one should.
So, whatever it is you want to see come to light in this new year...go make it happen. But remember, nothing worth keeping happens without the effort and the intention. So get clear, be still with it and then when you are ready-go get it.
Blessings and hopes for an amazing, healthy, vibrant new year to you-