Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another great book I recommed!

Be Your Own Deborah King

The book Be Your Own Shaman by Deborah King is AMAZING. I have studied shamanism and read so many books about this for years. Her book blew me away. I find myself constantly reverting to it in my daily life. The way that she explains things, and how to do certain work yourself is stellar. I was completely impressed by this book and keep it close to me in the house.

If ever you have wondered how to undo some certain energy shifts that haven't been in your best interest, this is a book for you. It made me so aware of some things that I otherwise would have missed in my life and allowed to keep happening. After following her advice, and doing the meditations and energy clearings that she explained, I literally woke up feeling like a new, lighter person energetically.
Thank you, Deborah for sharing such wisdom. No wonder Hay House found you!


Emily A. Francis, PhD
Author-From Fear To Faith

* Please note: Hay House gives me these books for free to review. It is not a paid position of Hay House