Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going with the flow of change

Even if you live the most mundane existence, life changes up fairly quickly. You can choose to go with that flow, and see where it leads...or you can fight it and still end up there anyway. Be open to the possibilities and see where life takes you. When you find yourself in spaces you never thought you'd be...take it all in. Some of those spaces can be your wildest dreams coming true-and I say, breathe it in and accept that your hard work paid off! Some can be in deep dark places that you never saw yourself in, breathe it in anyway because there is a purpose for it. And sometimes that purpose is simply to get you past that deep dark space and into the highest place possible for you. If you are meant to do something great, you will do it. And we are all meant to do something great with our lives, or we would not be here. Now figure out what that great thing is for you, ride the waves to get you there, do your part and enjoy every  breath of the salty fresh air along the way!

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