Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thinking at church...

I went to church this morning and something came to me...It was in the Lords Prayer..."Thy kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN." I realized today, that I sure as hell hope that is not true! I hope in Heaven we are not judging everyone in sight and across the world. I hope we are not fighting stupid, ridiculous wars up in heaven. I'm hoping that in heaven it is peaceful, loving, kind, and yet still interesting and fun! I don't want to go to heaven if it's just like this! I would like to think it's WAY better there! And, don't get me wrong because I love it here! I love my life, and all the people in it. Even the ones who have come and gone for various reasons, I love them all. I want to be here as long as I possibly can. I'm in no rush to get over there to Heaven...BUT, I would love to think that Heaven is something so far and above our world here. That's what it's supposed to be after all, right? Pearly gates, great feasts...being able to talk to God directly! Getting to understand the infinite wisdom of why we are here and what this whole big thing is all about! Here, we get caught up in all sorts of caddy crap with other women, look at the divorce rate, the infidelity rate is staggering and climbing. We treat people poorly. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There is enough to go 'round, but it's not shared that way so people suffer and die in ways that are easily prevented. Animals are treated cruelly here. I'd like to think that once they cross that rainbow bridge, no animal is slaughtered, or kicked or hit. On Earth As It Is In Heaven...that sentence has gotten lost to us. People cheat on their spouses and keep it secret like nothing has happened and quickly point fingers at others for doing the same. It is a growing problem that we do not take responsibility for our actions. We somehow rationalize why it's ok for US to do certain things, but not ok for anyone else. We treat people poorly if we don't have to face up to it. Just sit in rush hour traffic in any city and watch how that works! People yell and scream and flick people off, but if you met them right after that somewhere else, you'd see a lovely person! Get real with ourselves, people! As a whole we don't own up to our shortcomings and we don't admit defeat during our mistakes. Humility is a hard virtue to come by. Just watch the news, or TMZ one time and you will see all of which I speak. Unthinkable acts. Maybe it's time we either put that statement away, or start behaving better. Either's time for a change, don't you agree?

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